About GettingBy- The podcast

June 12, 2017

As a photojournalist of nearly 40 years, the question I have to ask most is "what happened?".  Be it a shooting, a tornado, or a fire, the "what happened?" is usually as far as the two minute story will allow.  I have met too many interesting people with incredible life stories.  

That will sort of change with this podcast.  I say "sort of", because this podcast will not be me telling other people's stories, but instead will let the people tell their own story. I will be presenting them, and editing them, but these interesting people will have a voice of their own.

And what I would like to know about these people is how, in their unique way, do they manage to get by in life.   Be they homeless, a refugee, or just working in the coal mine, what is their secret to survival, and in some cases thriving. In some ways I like to think of this as a personal finance podcast for people who want to know how they compare to others.  But how people get to where they are in life is a fascinating listen.

I will try to post new episodes weekly.  There will be no universal format for the storytelling.  Sometimes I will pair two or more individual stories. Sometimes it will be just one person.  Other times I will have someone with a broader view explaining areas of expertise.  There will be no set time length either.  The podcasting platform will let me use as much time as needed...and as little.

Thank you all so much for listening.  Please subscribe if you like what you hear.  My email is brad.gettingby@gmail.com  Please write me with opinions, suggestion, or if you have an interesting story of getting by.

Brad Kaplan